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Post by ZakiriKun_95 on Tue Mar 29, 2011 11:13 pm

Alright guys here are the rules and they are pretty simple.

1. No God modding (Look no one is God here, but me. What I say Goes.)
2. No R rated things. (If things get heated Time Skip.)
3. No Flaming, Trolling, etc. (This is a Friendly RP site and we try to keep things Friendly Around here.)
4. Swearing is ok in Small Amounts, but please don't make it in everyother sentence.
5. No Spamming (Please it gets annoying after a while.)
6. Please don't make Multiple accounts unless your using them to differentiate between Characters in an RP.
7. Have Fun! (This is meant to be a fun place so please Enjoy it here.

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